Keith Palmer

Further Papers on International Development

Supporting Infrastructure Investment in Developing Countries
Presentation to German Marshall Fund, 2006.
Download 'Supporting Infrastructure Investment in Developing Countries' paper (doc 0.23mb)

Agricultural Investment in Africa: Overview Study
CEPA Report for DFID, 2004. The study identifies access by farmers to credit and affordable infrastructure as key constraints on agricultural development in Africa and proposes new initiatives to address these constraints. Summary available on request.

Achieving higher growth and poverty reduction in sub-Saharan Africa
A submission to the Commission on Africa, Keith Palmer, 2004. The paper argues for targeted donor initiatives to support agriculture and agribusiness in Africa. It highlights the success of existing donor initiatives in stimulating infrastructure investment - Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund, Infraco and Guarantco - and proposes similar initiatives in agriculture and agribusiness.
Download 'Achieving higher growth and poverty reduction in sub-Saharan Africa' paper (pdf 0.32mb)

Submission to UK House of Commons International Development Committee Inquiry on Private Sector Development
The paper argues agriculture, agribusiness and agriculture supporting infrastructure are key to achieving rapid growth with poverty reduction in Africa and proposes a strategic programme of supportive donor initiatives to stimulate investment in agriculture and value adding agribusiness.

Mechanisms to support uptake and use of pro-poor agricultural technologies
CEPA Report for DFID, 2002. The paper describes detailed mechanisms to promote the uptake and use of modern agricultural technologies by small farmers in Africa. Available on request.

Rural Enterprise Technology Facility (RETF): Supporting pro-poor private sector rural enterprise development- Scoping study
CEPA Report for DFID, 2002. A summary of this work is available on request.

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